• Shamair Todman

    Shamair Todman

    Professor Sha

    Hi, I'm Sha! In short, I'm a Caribbean lifestyle influencer, freelance accessory designer and founder of T'ingz Nice, LLC. I'm addicted to my Caribbean carnival culture; thus, I'm addicted to all feathers, fabric and bling. Designing custom carnival accessories is a serious passion of mine. However, educating ambitious creatives on how to design these items for themselves, or for their business, brings me the most joy. I started T'ingz Nice Design Academy because no one was there to teach me when I was yearning to learn. I've found that many of the experts designing mas are leery about sharing their methods with others in fear of growing competition. Fortunately for my students, I don't feel this way. I'm a firm believer that there is more than enough "Carnival" to go around. Each prospective designer has their own style, their own following and their own vision for their brand. Let's put the shade aside and keep carnival alive! ~ Professor Sha